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What is is a career community that offers an inside look into organizations and serves as a platform for companies to increase employer branding . Our differentiating factor is the user- generated content, which is based on local needs. At, you can find salaries, company reviews, office photos, interview questions and more, all of which are posted by employees. Moreover, detailed company information and employee insights are posted to provide a holistic overview of each company. In addition, job seekers are able to browse all job listings and the details of relevant job opportunities within the country.

What makes us different?

Real insider opinion of employees which are posted locally - this means accuracy!

Whether you're a job seeker or already employed and looking for a raise, our user -generated content will provide you with all the information you will need to make smart career decisions, including:

  • Salaries: Compare salary and compensation by company or job title.
  • Company Reviews: See what employees really think with comprehensive company reviews which include pros, cons, and advice for senior management.
  • Office Photos: Get a feeling of the office environment and culture.

Everything is free! Our only request is that you spend 2 -3 minutes to contribute to our community. Your one post could make a difference for someone and at the same time, you will be given access to thousands of other posts!

Another thing that makes us different from other carrer communities is our balanced approach between companies and employees. While we aim to provideinformation to employees, we respect the rights of corporations and provide them with the opportunity to grow their business by articulating their value proposition as an employer of choice.

Why Jobiness?

It’s all about jobs & happiness. If employees find happier jobs, companies will be happy with results achieved by these people.

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