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Jobiness Community Guidelines

Thanks for joining the Jobiness community! In order for us to grow into the type of space which we’d like to be, we’ve come up with some guidelines for everyone so that we all understand what the Jobiness community should be like. All Jobiness users must follow the following guidelines, as well as our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, and we reserve the right to reject any posts and/or delete any user accounts which we feel violate them.

  1. Say it like it is: As a present/former employee, you will be the best person who can share with others what being in that organization is REALLY like. So please do just that! However, we’d like for all reviews to be fairly current- within the last 3 years at least, as we know just how fast a company’s direction and culture can change! Reviews suspected to be fraudulent will of course, not be approved.
  2. Be fair: We trust all users to give a fair view of what being in the organization is like. As such, we’ve asked for reviews to include a balanced inside view of both pros and cons of each company. Reviews which are deemed unfair and one-sided will not be approved.
  3. No insults: There is a definite line between giving your views and using this platform to insult, defame or frame others. Reviews seen to be libelous, offensive or malicious, as well as containing aggressive language such as obscenities and discriminatory remarks will not be approved.
  4. Be relevant: At Jobiness, our goal is to add value to our members by sharing relevant employer information with each other. Hence, reviews which are too specific, personal, or otherwise irrelevant will not be approved.
  5. No Company Sabotage: Companies own trade secrets, copyrighted information & other confidential information- so don’t share this on our platform- they will not be approved of. 6) Write clearly: Please write as coherently & clearly as you can. Reviews which are written incomprehensibly, or with strange formatting will not be approved.

Thank you for your help in sticking to these guidelines. We hope that Jobiness will grow into a useful platform which will help us work towards a better future (pun intended!) - for ourselves & others within our community!

Jobiness Team

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