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Where do you get the salary data and company information?

Our “insider" information comes from thousands of employees from the companies listed on our site. Our research comes from a wide variety of sources, including companies themselves.

What are Employer Reviews?

Our company reviews cover the working environment, culture, compensation, hiring processes, diversity and other workplace issues at major employers. The Jobiness team do not verify this information, but publish them as contributed from employees.

How often do you update your information?

Daily! As we receive information, our team reviews them and transfers on the site.

Do companies pay you for the reviews posted on the site?

Absolutely not. All reviews are from current and past employees of these companies, and this means that they are independent and unbiased. We do not take money from the companies we cover. While some companies might pay for enhanced employer brand profiles content on the site, our sponsored and advertorial content remain separate from our employee-generated content.

How do I register?

Our system works on sharing and getting all principal information. To receive unlimited access to our content, you just need to post a salary, company review, interview experience or office photo. If you do not wish to post anything, as a new trial version user, you will get full access to salaries, reviews, and interviews for one month. Your membership will expire after one month or until you decide to contribute to one of the four data areas.

How is my personal identity protected?

Please see the privacy policy for details on how Jobiness works to protect your identity online.

How do I edit or remove posted information?

To edit or remove previous posts, sign-in and visit the "My Account" page, which will appear on the top right corner of the page. From there you will be able to see all previous posts by clicking tabs on the left-hand side. If you would like to edit a post, click the "Edit" link, make the necessary changes, and save changes. If you would like to delete a post, simply click "Delete" for that particular post.

Why can't I find my post on the site?

We review every post before it appears on the site for accuracy and relevance of data. This operation means that we will need some time to review and approve your post. If you still do not see your post after a few days, it may mean that your post was not approved for display on the site. The status of this post within the “My Account” page will be reflected as "Removed". You are able to make changes to unapproved posts, and they will be re-reviewed after these changes have been submitted.

Do you censor reviews?

No, but we monitor and review all posts on a daily basis. If a review does not comply with our user guidelines, we reserve the right to edit or delete it.

Why haven't I received my activation email?

We apologize if you've not received your activation email. There can be delays or delivery issues with email providers, however these are outside of our control. Please do not forget to control your spam mailbox settings as well. If you still encounter problems please send us an email to and we will correct it.

How do I register if I’m a student?

If you are a current student and don't have anything to post, simply send us an e-mail and we will create an account for you. You are able to do so by selecting ‘Student Membership’ on our contact page. Please do not forget to use your student (.edu) email address while requesting for student membership. Other e-mail addresses will not be accepted for this request.

Can companies delete a review or remove the company from the site?

No, they cannot delete a review or remove their company from the site. However, as a representative of the company, if you see a post that you feel is inconsistent with our rules and should be removed, please let us know by sending us a e-mail from our contact page. Alternatively, simply click the "Inappropriate?" link below the post and send us a message. Our team members will look into the issue and take the appropriate action. Please keep in mind that our community rules are also applicable to companies and we endeavor to protect the rights of employers as well.

As an Employer, how can I enhance our company information?

Please see the Employer Branding page. There are different ways of promoting your company on Jobiness. Having reviewed them, please contact us and we will provide more information about our solutions for employers.

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