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A very good company for growth.

The company has been in existence for over 34 years and is a very good company where the boss is like a friend.

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top level works like low level

the management will understand our situation at all stages so that we can completely concentrate our work

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Excellent work culture

Leadership of senior management,opportunity to come up with new concepts. plenty scope to prove yourself

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company is great to work at, very superior as compared to others firms, very strong money wise and best infrastructure

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It has been a long journey.

Everybody works in a jovial environment. Management is good & forward looking. The whole atmosphere is cosmopolitan.

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Nice Experience

Lots of new ideas and areas to work independently and as a team. Overall development and developing leadership skills.

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it is a very much better experience.

it is a much better experience to work in this company. free to work freely. as we know from this company

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It is a good company for young boys for learn many things in Civil and Structural field from the seniors.

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JSW ahve a very open work culture

The top management is highly read, so they understand the importance of authority and delegation. They allow freedom in taking the decisions and have an open work environment.

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best working environment and practice.

Very friendly atmosphere and working environment. Truly like a family.

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An epic story of friendship, faith, and perseverance set against
the magnificent backdrop of Zululand's enchanted wilderness.

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