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This is a very good company

This company is very good and prospectus is very good and management is very cooperative. And I like the managements decision in critical times

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quite good

Pidilite Industries is a family based organisation. started with adhesives then took over other companies in India.

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people leave this place for better opportunities

while others work for more than 12 hrs this allows you to work for 8 hrs. Technology updates are taking place at regular intervals

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Positive satisfying experience

My sales job is wonderful because I get to split my time between creative and organizational tasks.

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Very good experience

It is free to decide things. At times I can approach the management easily and am free to function in the management.

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I am not very happy with this company

Here atmosphere is good. We work like family members. We work as a team. Our senior staff is very supportive.

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Has been great in phases

The supportive approach of the colleagues and the rapport built over a period of time with cross functional departments. The independence to take your own decisions

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It was a good place to work

Being a chemical Industry, the safety concern for all it's employees, contractors, visitors was exemplary.

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Job profile is good and space to learn

Good ambiance to work in. Provides an opportunity to balance personal life and business life. Everyone feels like their second home.

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I experienced poor Management.

I like the Co-ordination among the members of the team and also the reliability of employees the most

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