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Nothing extra ordinary

It is easy to balance work life since we have flexible working hours. Work culture is also good with lot of learning opportunities

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Fantastic.. great achivement.

having a great time and day by day improving myself with different tasks strengthening my career and life.

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overall an average experience.

the work profile of an analyst is very flexible. they always adjust the timings as per my convenience.

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good and bad

There was a lot of independence in working earlier and one could get to be innovative however this is not so now

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Fun place to work in

Thoughtworks has an open work culture with really nice colleagues. They place alot of focus on social responsibility and provides ample learning opportunities and growth

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New age company with good prospects

They provide good learning ground, so, nice for freshers. They focus on organisational growth more than brand and revenue. Offer competitive salaries and career planning and growth.

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Excellent work life balance

This company offers total flexibility. Which helps you maintain a proper work life balance. Also the management is open minded and fair to all.

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It is the best consulting firm to work for. The culture is excellent!

Culture - People and Environment. You travel for work, trainings and other company-wide events. It is a great place to kick start your career, the foundation is very strong and the networks you develop are extremely helpful all along. You work across industries with different clients so you are able to develop a strong analytical mindset. People are extremely helpful and the management is very approachable.

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Good environment for freshers with easy onsite opportunities

Good training, onsite opportunities and chance for skill developments

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Not recommended

I have not faced any high pressure situations, so the work life balance is fine. They offer flexible timings. The managers are helpful. They provide transport for odd hours.

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