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good company with a great future

we get freedom and decision making powers . and we get good pay which nobody in the industry gets . overall a good company

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nice to work here

here we get an atmosphere as if we work in our home as all the management and all other company staffs are nice to work with and like to have nice time

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Dirty Politics, experience was not good

Spacious, Good students, no stay back, near to house, some good and cooperative staff. good opportunity for freshers.

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its ok... not bad

i like the students there other than that the environment is pleasant... interaction between each other is nice...

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always do work as a team.

I like to do work in my company with team work. & try to do work with your colleague. always help one another.

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It is fantastic to work here.

The work culture, the feedback scheme and recognition of the duties is something that I love most about my company

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good opportunity to excel in teaching

good work load, teachers have the choice to choose their working day and timing.. very flexible and understanding directors

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i work with interest always

It is the best company, and I always work hard and with interest.

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Teaching children is always a rewarding and satisfying experience. We get to learn almost as much as we intended to teach to them

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Got the opportunity to learn new skills.

I am provided chance to learn many new skills. From a fresher I could reach level of professional. Have flexibility to work from home too.

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the magnificent backdrop of Zululand's enchanted wilderness.

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