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it is nice to work here

i like the level of dedication many of my superiors have for the job and the name tag is very good and respectable

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excellent company to work

the working envirment and senior's assistance to juniors and the management's vision of the business

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excellent and highly career oriented

career oriented and easy access to the higher management. work done is easily recognised. it is easier to reach higher goals in this career.

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it has been not too good

company gives the freedom to work i.e flexible work hours the compensation are good and the company is always trying out new ways to keep the employees involved and celebrate festivals which creates an environment of companionship/ interactions between em

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it is the good and hard working and best place to work and best place for banking for all the public people.

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its a great opportunity of my life.

my seniors and my co-workers are very good,helpful and caring. they give me full support in my work. its a great opportunity to work in this company.

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Good company to work with. healthy atmosphere. friendly staff. has a good compensation policy for work.

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I like their work environment, good salary package, employee relations and senior management. I can learn many things in my company.

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I have learnt a lot about Insurance .

Work Environment is very good and bosses are very good. Leave balances are also very high and good.

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pleasant experience for growth

actually i love my organisation and profession. interaction with my higher officials was very important for my career growth

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