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Just Great

The Organisation is great, work is interesting and challenges presented are exciting. It provides for most of our needs

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good experience in the organisation

research for the common man in agri anculture and livelihood in the north eastern areas and other good projects

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No proper appreciation for the work done

Working in the office is very lovely. Achieving goals in time make me to run at a jet speed. Enjoyed work.

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no promotion based on performance

I wanted to serve the public, and have been able to do that quite well here by offering basic infrastructural facilities through constructing roads,schools,etc.

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Its more like a day to day set of work.

The fact that I am a permanent employee. Security in times of accidents, medical emergencies etc. Most hospitals in my areas charge very little. Monthly pension salaries are also included for future.

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A very good employer

NHAI is a very good organisation which builds roads for people. It is working for the progress of the nation.

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Serving the public is a very good job.

Providing telecom services to the public. Regulation for the services is very good. It plays a vital role in the development of country.

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Worked as a consultant.

Worked as a consultant in a moderately satisfactory environment. Professional satisfaction was good.

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Over burdened due to lack of manpower

The only good thing is Security but alot needs to be done at the administrative level for optimum performance

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