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very exciting and enjoyable job.

I like talking and building relationships with my customers and working hard to achieve my targets most.

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very intersting field

better income, goodwill, customer satisfaction, fast growing industry, responsibility, better lifestyle

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work performance evaluation not proper.

No pressure of work on the employees and on the management too.

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stressful and taxing

helping customers resolve their issues and getting a smile on their face. hanging out with collegues

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Good learning experience

Good for beginning of the career. We can learn, develop & train our expertise in our field. Almost all departments had free hand in charge & responsible to the management

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job satisfaction is there, it matters a lot, I love the work at siemens and its culture. its a good company.

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working environment is good

our seniors are very helpful, they teach us the work by using simple examples. overall it is good.

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Work environment is good. Management and employees share a good rapport. Recognition is good.

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Bharat is a good starting place for engineers

There is alot of learning opportunities and room for personal growth

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Horrible management, unfair appraisals.

We had a young crowd yearning to grow. Lively people around and a good hike. Nice building and culture

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