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i feel better to work with this company

i am encouraged to work with the people who are in this company. i have got a very good experience with them

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very intersting field

better income, goodwill, customer satisfaction, fast growing industry, responsibility, better lifestyle

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good, and more learning in the company.

team work together in the company, there are more standards in the work.

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it is good working in the tata company.

the incentives given by the company are good. unlike other companies, you can have a permanent job and not need to worry about the job unless you are not hard working

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It will definitely help me in future....

this company makes PVC compound. and i Get a huge experience about this line... i want to learn more information about an industry.

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Its a relaxed kind of job

The thing i like most about my company is the freedom that i get in my job and also most of the work can be performed very easily.

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job satisfaction is there, it matters a lot, I love the work at siemens and its culture. its a good company.

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I am solely responsible for my department.

The Directors fully trust in me and the working harmony amongst the seniors. The infrastructure wise is aptly organised.

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a good place to work

The supporting nature of senior and team spirit. Provides a learning platform and enhancing the knowledge further to grow within organization.

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its my own company so its fine

i dont have to put too much time into it so i get time to do other things which you dont normally get time for

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