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Memorable with highs and lows

Lot of learning opportunities as its a leader in its industry. Exposure to end to end processes. Very rooted and know the indian customer

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Less stress, cooperative management, understanding people, good business.

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Good working environment and reasonable.

Working in Next was good,i learnt a lot which in turn helped me in improving my confidence and boosting my sales.

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great, good decision making position

responsibility and authority given to me. Authority to make decisions. involvement with higher management while making important decisions.

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Very pathetic work culture.

Not facing the useless boss who would answer questions with useless answers. Who is not fit to be a clerk.

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good prospects for personal growth

learning about new technology in manufacturing and also about labour management.implementing ideas.Keeping up with new market trends.

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not so good and not so bad

free hand in working, good working atmosphere, no work pressure, availability of tools. Timely salary, yearly increament

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Very Good

The main factor is the atmosphere. Its effective and there is good coordination with management. the attitude of the senior is very humble to the staff and I like to perform my work efficiently

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it was a good experience

job timing, work culture, location and travelling, new technology, new things, new places to explore

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There is good management in the company. Good working conditions & co-workers and other employees are very cooperative.

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