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that it is a creative job and there is no interference in my work. I make my own decisions and implement.....

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Its Good but not up to expectations

i just like how our director manages work with few resources. I also like the name of the organization in the market.

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Working with Financial Software & Systems (P) Ltd. is good experience for me.

There is good working environment and good co-ordination from senior in Financial Software & Systems (P) Ltd.

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great experience

i like the working environment and the work culture of the company, nothing else to say about the company

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It is good when you are in the learning stage

The thing i like the most about my company is its is easily accessible from any part of city.

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all infrastructure and discipline i like the most of all. salary is good food is great tasty delicious

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Great Work Life Balance

Good locations and many other positive points which motivate me to stay on.

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bad employee policies, poor pay packages

Freedom of work and thoughts, flexible work hours, work-life balance, opportunities, pay package,...

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Nothing remarkable

The strong personality of the chairman of the company and his inspiring speeches are real motivation

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