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I am growing with my company

the working timings, and the exposure to international clients so I learn a lot, get salary hikes also

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i loved working here staff is excellent and boss is very caring and understanding to all sitautions i handle

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great experience

i like the working environment and the work culture of the company, nothing else to say about the company

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i am a trainee there

this company is somewhat small as compared to others but i have to opt for a career in my field and this company has provided me an opportunity. so i m thankful for that

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Its good, I like to work there

I like to have a group discussion, taking up choices and responsibilities. I want our company to be successful.

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i like to do coding and developing content for my software. i like to do the marketing for our product.

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Too early to predict.

I can balance my work life with my personal life at this company. I am allowed to go on leave to visit my husband.

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good work has been properly rewarded

subordinates are so faithful, good team spirit, friendliness even from higher management, inputs are taken into account even if it comes from subordinates.

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all infrastructure and discipline i like the most of all. salary is good food is great tasty delicious

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Oracle is an amazing company to work for.

Oracle is a highly proactive and reliable company which readily provides staff with ample opportunities to move up within the establishment.

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