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Nothing remarkable

The strong personality of the chairman of the company and his inspiring speeches are real motivation

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A great company to work for.

Amdocs provides care and beneficial policies for employees. They have great food as well as transportation facilities. Overall, there is a good working environment. Amdocs also is very transparent to its employees regarding management decisions.

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work environment and freedom. Colleagues being very friendly and no stiff timings to be followed and its the job i love the most. So no concerns

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Nice experience

Colleges are very friendly.Work culture is very good.Timings are good.Not much appraisals.Food is ok.

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company was not satisfactory.

i worked hard but was not rewarded. The management was not supportive and I would like to resign.

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Very Congnitive

You have a lot of work to do always, that gives you opportunity to learn and grow.

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interesting work, no bullying

cool atmosphere, no pressure, healthy competition , interesting projects, able to work from home, flexiblity at work and foreign trips, offshore work

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Aricent Technologies has a healthy work environment

Aricent technologies has good managers and good projects available for its employees. They are also able to ensure great work life balance.

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Yahoo is a great place to work in

Employees are exposed to complex problems to solve. This mean that it is a challenging job with lots of learning opportunities! In addition Yahoo also have a fun work culture with great colleagues

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this is best company in india

I had many years with the company so a decent salary and 5 weeks vacation. I had great co-workers/peers.

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