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a good company with sufficient coverage.

equal opportunities,good colleagues and more over helpful in all difficulties. extend hands to the new.

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Diamonds Manufacturing and jewelry

since 2005-2008 working hard and 15-16 hour a week work for this year.

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Good Experience

Environment is good and better scope to learn. Well Disciplined. Good software senior executives to teach.

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Awesome place to work.

It has great work culture, very friendly colleagues, good perks and benefits and well supported by managers. Overall good work life

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interesting work, no bullying

cool atmosphere, no pressure, healthy competition , interesting projects, able to work from home, flexiblity at work and foreign trips, offshore work

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Challenging yet Fulfilling Career at Enziq Solutions Pvt Ltd

I love the work culture and the team bonding here. The management is understanding while maintaining a strong grip at the outlook for the company's future.

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ok to work for entry level employees

good for new people, fresher etc. It is ok to work for entry level employee, very happy to welcome to newcomers

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i like my job

the structure, policy, friendly environment and many more which i want to share in this forum, because i like it very well

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The working environment was good

Working Environment, policies, senior interactions were good, the food, transportation was provided from the company..

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Great overall environment.

Persistent is a good organization and a good brand to start one's career. Work life balance is satisfying. All facilities are equipped with a personal gym which is a plus.

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An epic story of friendship, faith, and perseverance set against
the magnificent backdrop of Zululand's enchanted wilderness.

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