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It was a overall a good experience.

The team work is outstanding. No hectic working hours. Great support from the seniors and management

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improved my skills

work which i did, communicating with other people such as customers, distributor and supervisors from other companies.

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I am growing with my company

the working timings, and the exposure to international clients so I learn a lot, get salary hikes also

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Awesome place to work.

It has great work culture, very friendly colleagues, good perks and benefits and well supported by managers. Overall good work life

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Seniors play politics with colleagues

Scholarship Program fully sponsors university programs for employees which is good for self development. But this is provided by parent company and not ISRC.

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nothing will make it more interesting.

The work culture is comparatively better as compared to other organisation.

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company was not satisfactory.

i worked hard but was not rewarded. The management was not supportive and I would like to resign.

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i work independently in the office. Friendly environment , flexibility to work, colleagues coordination.

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Oracle is an amazing company to work for.

Oracle is a highly proactive and reliable company which readily provides staff with ample opportunities to move up within the establishment.

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Nice experience

Colleges are very friendly.Work culture is very good.Timings are good.Not much appraisals.Food is ok.

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