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One of the best places to work.

The people here are very interactive, easy going. There are as such no hierarchical differences among the employees.

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company was not satisfactory.

i worked hard but was not rewarded. The management was not supportive and I would like to resign.

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It is average and not bad.

Staff co-ordination & attitude of management . Good salary structure & I like to work happily here . I am happy to work here

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Company with the least care for employees

The Liberty to self-drive the projects and empowerment of authority to the employees to drive it.

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Great overall environment.

Persistent is a good organization and a good brand to start one's career. Work life balance is satisfying. All facilities are equipped with a personal gym which is a plus.

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bad employee policies, poor pay packages

Freedom of work and thoughts, flexible work hours, work-life balance, opportunities, pay package,...

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nothing will make it more interesting.

The work culture is comparatively better as compared to other organisation.

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i loved working here staff is excellent and boss is very caring and understanding to all sitautions i handle

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Good Experience

Environment is good and better scope to learn. Well Disciplined. Good software senior executives to teach.

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Oracle is an amazing company to work for.

Oracle is a highly proactive and reliable company which readily provides staff with ample opportunities to move up within the establishment.

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