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Very helpful, good environment

good management with better career opportunities. Good salary package and big company with lots of advantages

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Good company and culture

They have good work culture. There is freedom at workplace, and encourage you to innovate and invent. People are good. Their focus on R&D is commendable.

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Better one than the earlier one.

I like the my team as it is very dynamic one which is very much active and can complete any tasks given.

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Symantec has great work and tools to work with.

Symantec has cutting edge products in domains like security and backup.It has very strong principals which includes Innovation, Action, Trust and Customer first approach.

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satisfied in the work I am doing.

Mine is a charity organisation and I am enjoying what I am doing. We can do the work according to our ideas and styles. we are complimented for what we are doing. That is all what we need. we are very much happy working with this organisation.

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Go-getter attitude to make a good business proposal on behalf of each member e.g. what are their pros & Cons.

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overall its a good job

people are very helpful, the overall environment is very nice and seniors are very friendly, good service to employees

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Aricent Technologies has a healthy work environment

Aricent technologies has good managers and good projects available for its employees. They are also able to ensure great work life balance.

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its a good company and I like working here.

my seniors all are very friendly. They help each other in work shift adjustments

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A good and fulfilling career so far.

Working independently and directly interacting with clients on various short term projects. Also have got to work for many prestigious multinational clients over the world.

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