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Work with honesty in this company

I am very happy to connect with it as the work atmosphere is good for working and I have a good supervisor

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work environment and freedom. Colleagues being very friendly and no stiff timings to be followed and its the job i love the most. So no concerns

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Employee growth valued at Veridic Technologies Pvt Ltd

I got a chance to work on numerous international clients projects. The Veridic Technologies Pvt Ltd company gives deserving candidates an opportunity to grow.

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Good company and culture

They have good work culture. There is freedom at workplace, and encourage you to innovate and invent. People are good. Their focus on R&D is commendable.

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cooperative environment among the officials, timely payment of salary, centralised policies on all matters. very old company

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Loved working with Cybage

The overall life is easy at this company. People are amiable and approachable. The HR department is just great such that they keep organizing alot of activities for employees to motivate them. Lots of activities for volunteering and trekking. Their food fairs have awesome food.

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it is a good and great Organization .

we are working with freely and without tension, management listening as problem comes and help, as they care for us.

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improved my skills

work which i did, communicating with other people such as customers, distributor and supervisors from other companies.

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good team environment and colleagues

Team work, colleagues are co-operative, not too distant, interesting work, made good friends and there are dedicated employees having the zeal to work and learn

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