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its really a pretty awesome experience

to be very honest , working with such highly talented skilled engineers is great.moreover the co-ordinations among the workers are good,and there is no sense of jealousy.

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responsibility sharing, working together to solve the problems and co-operation that we receive from senior and juniors

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It was quite good.

My company provided me good growth opportunity. It also gave me very good exposure towards the field work.

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good and long years of service

good atmosphere soft duty less stressful yearly fixed increment six monthly dearness allowance high rate of transport allowance

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Got the best experience in life.

to gain immense practical exposure and become professionally trained to handle critical situations in the corporate world and changing scenarios.

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ability to improve and move up

workplace environment and the job exposure is good compared to other job sectors and the executives provide more output

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The company provides water solution

The company has a good leader to provide direction, however the company is too large. Hence the company has a financial problem

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Initiative, encouraging, motivating

Initiative encouraging, motivating, leadership development, negotiation and project management skills.

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It provides job satisfaction, good work environment, flexibility, satisfactory growth, and fairness.

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Very Good

Freedom to work. Being a renewable energy company i have a sense of pride being at work & it gives scope for learning.

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