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90 Dollar Website

Website: Country: India Sector: Technology Size: 0

Review Summary

Career Opportunities 5
Benefit Package 5
Collaboration 3
Feedback & Appraisal 4
Management 4
Work/Life Balance 5
Fairness 4
Business Outlook 3


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Employee Reviews Total 1 reviews

"Awesome place to work"

Content Writer Current Employee · 06 Oct 2015


I found working with 90 Dollar Website a very satisfying and enjoyable experience. They were very professional, focused, systematic, methodical and had high standards regarding work. They have always discussed work and company strategies with us. At all times, they were very inclusive.They were open to feedback and suggestions and were approachable. In terms of employee welfare, they have been always considerate and thoughtful and gave us perks and benefits whenever an occasion came. In short, I felt that we were very well taken care of. They were also scrupulously honest and straightforward- two qualities which I value a lot.


Nothing much to say.

Advice to Management

It would be good to have a manager or someone in place who could be there most of the time when the team leaders are not there. Otherwise, the team leaders are astute and capable of managing work and employees. Nothing much to say, except that just that keep up the good work.

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