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"If you are looking if you should join this company or not , then its a big NO. If you have time please go through my exp"

Senior Software Engineer 0 Former Employee · 21 Aug 2015


If you wanna loose weight cos of mental sickness this is the place.


1. Cos is a place if you never ever wanna learn and you are a laid back person who thinks u work for only pay cheques.Now talking about pay cheques they pay u peanuts so it doesnt solve that problem too. 2.Its a place if you have no respect for urself and if you dont care that your work should be given respect.They will be scared if you learn more cos you will demand more. 3.It's a place where people have their own set of rules. For instance if u resign on 25th of a month and you have taken leaves on 1st and 2nd of a month, it will be LOP(Yes really) 4.And also people they have their own set of rules for PF credit to ur account. U got to stay min 6 months.. yes you heard it right. Also if your last date is 28th which is friday and 29 30 is sat sun u will be paid only for 28 days(oh crap .. yes) 5.People are so cheap and uncivilized here and they have zero work ethics. They will never ever accept anything new that you are trying to implement. 6.They will never ever take care of ur needs. You say your mom is at the hosp or dad is at the hosp they will ask you how is the proj , how can you go on leave 7.They think too much of themselves.The best proverb that suits here is (empty vessels makes much noise) they have meetings for hours together and implementation is zero, 8.If you want to learn how to have sickening attitude and be a good for nothing, then you should learn from one of the management guy in the IT department 9.Salary will be credited by the wish and will of the finance department. You will be anxiously waiting for ur salary by the end of month after going through all the tortures you have been through but the salary will always be a question. when will i get it today or tomorrow, 31 or 1 or 2 when? and also if they give u on 3rd it will be after 7pm (can you believe) 10.The managers are pathetic here.They have zero people management and zero project knowledge. 11.The number of people joining here is lesser than the people leaving the org.oops i dont wanna use the word org I am better off with cos 12.Hey this is totally a family business. you will get that political vibe that people like some state that is ruled only by the family. 13.Work culture pls forget it .. ppl will come in their wish and will, the day i joined I thought by seeing a guy he is some kind of an electrician but he was in interview panel (lol yes) 14.I have heard lot of stories about officce politics,culture,managers etc but when i tell them my horrifying experience they say omg our companies rock. 15.These people should go and learn some spoken english.. they call it open culture,, they say anybody is available to hear you and all crap.. all this is to worsen ur problem. Please people get a life and go and read and know what actually is "open culture" 16.Here comes my fav part "APPRISAL".Let me tell you how it works. There is no goal set for you in the begining of the year. If june is the apprisal, you will be asked to fill ur stupid sheet(where it is actually goal sheet) before 15 days and u will write what all u did , what all u went thru and all crap and submit.Later you will feel sick to go and have one on one with those uncivilized managers and they will rate u (LOL)thats all you are done. Your hike will be top secret that will be revealed to you inside a meeting room after 7pm(dude no salary till then)with the hike letter(are you kidding me , where are the portals ,where are the emails, and why the hell u cannot tell it to us by beginning of the month) you will feel as if you have worked for some cheap labour and you have got ur letter and people at that point they will tell ur improvements .. u will wonder wtf what you doing during one on one.. you will feel what the hell am i doing here 17.Your confidence level will hit -1 cos they will make sure you are not confident and you will not ask for hike 18.Here people think you are here cos u will never ever get job anywhere. 19.The strength of this company is not more than 60.Never ever beleive what ppl talk to you and try to buy you into this. 20. Finally people beg you not to write reviews about them I am sorry I am god loving and I don't want any other to face all the crap I did This place is filled with morons.. if you wanna dig ur own grave and punish yourself mentally and ruin ur prof life join.If you like to torture urself and if u like to be frustrated join If you are a dignified person and if you really wanna grow and learn please for godsake dont join this company .People say joining a start up will change your life in a good way but this company changed my life not in a good but in all other ways

Advice to Management

Please shuit down this family business and settle off so that people can have a better life!

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