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Software Engineer (Handler & System-Framework) - Full-Time

As the system and handler software engineer, you are responsible for the development semiconductor equipment handler software.

And of the development of customized motion controller software driver for our semiconductor equipment which our base-level framework library.

You should have some prior experience in semiconductor equipment or equally complicated automation equipment software.

You should able to decompose a complex system like ours to determine the performance bottle necks in the machine sequence and extract crucial metrics.

You should be able to program in C++.

You are familiar with OOP and software concepts like multi-threaded, priority inversion, critical sections and mutexes. Additionally, prior experience with SECS-GEM is a plus, but not a must.


  • At least 5~10 years of software development experience preferably in Semiconductor Equipment.
  • Experience in Machine Handler Sequence
  • Experience with C/C++, OOP
  • Familiar with concepts like interrupt latency, priority inversion, events and mutexes
  • Good debugging Skills
  • Basic Knowledge of Stepper and Servo Motion Controller is a plus
  • Basic Knowledge TCPIP/UDP communication protocol is a plus
  • Ability to lead a project and play a key role in a team environment
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering, or Electrical Engineering or an equivalent related technical field.


Chuan Ailing | R1109959
Axtaris Consulting Pte Ltd | EA License: 18C9221

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