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Axtaris Consulting Pte Ltd

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Logistics Manager - Full-Time

Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain

5 years experience in similar capacity



Ability to engage stakeholders in a collaborative & effective manner to achieve goals. 
Ability to manage Urgency Processes in timely & cost effective manner.
Ability to define & prepare Business Continuity & Crisis planning models.
Ability to understand & apply compliance procedures.
Ability to Engage effectively with all stakeholders to achieve business & financial results.
Ability to review & analyse optimised Inventory positioning (locations) based on Business needs.
Ability to review & analyse setting of inventory Buffer / Safety levels & controlling process.
Ability to use statistical inventory analytical tools - ABC Inventory Control, run rates, ramp-up/down.
Ability to deploy & execute systems to enable Interchangeability of urgent components & parts.
Ability to ensure capital deployed in inventory is management effectively within economic parameters.
Ability to manage ramp-up & launch on new products, components & finished goods.
Ability to Understand & Apply technical specification & Quality Controls - OQC & IQC.
Ability to manage Order Scheduling Controls & expediting supplier deliveries. 
Ability to deploy a collective policy on Product finishing & appropriate Packaging.
Ability to apply sound Statistical Quality Controls & Tolerances Management of suppliers output.
Ability to Assess supply chain Risks & prepare Contingency plan actions.
Ability to Devise & Apply Dual Source planning rules vs inventory effectiveness.
Ability to Assess & Manage critical component Moulds & tools at suppliers. 
Ability to plan & execute Supplier Process Audits & deploy corrective adherence actions.
Ability to Map & control Hub Network structure - for Finished Goods
Ability to understand & effectively apply FTA optimisation within delivery system
Ability to Leverage on Outsourced resources - when optimal for supply chain execution.
Ability to Visualise & Facilitate delivery processes to remote locations (non-FF entities)
Ability to evaluate & propose model for new business proposals & locations
Ability to effectively use Key Information tables for Solutions & Decision making
Ability to select & optimise Freight mode & locations delivery options.
Ability to pro-actively manage Logistics Providers service, cost & performance criteria.
Ability to drive cost effectiveness transportation solutions to support business models.
Ability to apply & control Import & Export procedures & trade compliances obligations.
Ability to manage processes to ensure the security & integrity of shipments.
Ability to follow & comply with documentary processes & transmittals for adherence.
Ability to define & apply core Warehousing & Store-keeping processes
Ability to monitor & control Inventory integrity processes.
Ability to operate sound Quality Control & Quarantine Control Systems.
Ability to effectively manage warehousing resources - own & 3rd party implants.
Ability to manage & control of operating costs & performance indicators.
Ability to drive productivity programs, effective service deliverables & within cost budgets.
Ability to use & proficient in Company ERP Systems operations
Ability to use & apply effectively Failure Analysis Methodology - 8D analysis


Poon Chak Juay, Adrian | R1330766
Axtaris Consulting Pte Ltd | EA License: 18C9221

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