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TechOps Software Developer - Full-Time


• Manage deadline critical api integrations and customisation requirements from live projects. Start an automation drive with scalability in mind. 
• Build and maintain appropriate log gathering, system monitoring, and reporting infrastructures. 
• Strong ability to work anywhere in the server-side technical stack, delivering quality code with well written unit tests. 
• Troubleshooting and quality assurance expert, handing all product related issues.


• The emphasis will be on the backend where your know-how of Python, web frameworks, and data stores is important. 
• Familiarity with modern web development. 
• Having worked with MVC frameworks (e.g. Flask). 
• Great communication skills with our internal teams to debug issues or with external partners / clients to manage tasks.


• Knowing the basics of how frontend tools work will be a plus. 
• Having an understanding of a data pipeline is beneficial. 
• Involvement with continuous integration tools and test automation is plus.





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