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Ionic / Angular Frontend Software Developer - Full-Time


• Design and build our event app that revolutionizes how interactions are done at events. 
• Ability to work anywhere in the frontend technical stack, delivering quality code with well written unit tests. 
• You will be working closely with the team to build and test new features and client requirements, and further improve the UI / UX of the app. At the same time, you will have ownership of your projects as you lead them and make design decisions in the code and infrastructure level. 


• Be able to develop frontend hybrid mobile applications in Ionic Framework and Angular JS. 
• Strong Computer Science background with understanding of the principles of modern software development. 
• A solid foundation in Javascript, Typescript, HTML and CSS. 
• You understand one-way and two-way data binding, MVC, and other UI design patterns 
• Knowing the basics of how JSONs are structured, for effective communication with the backend.


• An understanding of the web development process from design, development, testing to deployment. Or you could learn it from us! 
• Familiarity with front-end web or mobile application design is beneficial. 
• Having developed UI components before using tools like SASS, Mixins, bourbon. 
• Experience with browser testing and code debugging and deployment on Android and iOS platforms. 
• Involvement with continuous integration tools and test automation is plus. 
• Published one or more iOS / Android apps is a plus.





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