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Designers into working interfaces. You will also need to be a strong team member who co-develops the user experience
by providing advice on interface and interactivity techniques.
1. Implement pixel-perfect working systems based on design inputs
• Collaborate with teammates to analyse, scope and implement Front End Engineering related tasks
• Provide accurate and practical assessment of the resources and schedule necessary of Front End Development
• Contribute to the technical deployment, training and support activities of a Product
2. Follow development best practices
• Ensure the development of a quality solution by following rigorous testing processes
• Keep abreast of new visual/interaction technologies and techniques in the market and share insights and creative
applications with the team
Skills and Experience Needed
• 1-2 years experience; open to enthusiastic entry level candidate.
• In-depth knowledge of JavaScript, CSS and HTML.
• Good working knowledge of React Native
• Experience working with Redux / Flux architectures.
• Strong familiarity with the front end open source ecosystem, and the ability to make appropriate platform choices
for the task at hand.
• Experience developing maintainable and scalable code in a team of multiple front end developers.
• Understanding of front-end performance considerations
• Experience using CSS pre and post processors.
• Experience working with designers from the inception of a feature to production deployment.
• Experience with implementing responsive interfaces.
• Experience supporting multiple browsers using progressive enhancement / graceful degradation.
• Familiarity with version control systems, specifically Git.
• Genuine passion for great user experiences.





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