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Full Stack Software Engineer - Full-Time

  • Passionate about software engineering is a fast learner
  • Strong CS fundamentals such as OOP and algorithms
  • Relish in creating awesome UX/UI for users
  • Committed to receiving, coaching and providing mentorship to others
  • Experience in building 12-Factor web apps/services
  • Fluent in several programming languages, preferably PHP, Ruby, Python and JavaScript
  • Deep understanding of RESTful API design
  • Experience with cloud based architecture (i.e. Google, AWS, Azure) and Cloud Foundry
  • Experience in Ruby on Rails, Django, React, Angular or similar frameworks
  • Familiar with the web landscape, architectures, trends, and emerging technologies
  • Experience in writing automated integration and unit tests for web apps/services
  • Knowledge of Continuous Integration and Delivery systems (i.e. Jenkins) and setups
  • Experience in at least one code repository system, preferably Git
  • Experience with Linux & OS X is a must.
  • Know Android or iOS application development.
  • Familiar with Agile practices such as Extreme Programming, Node.js, Scala, Open Stack, Docker, Scrum or Kanban
  • You love CSS, and you know how to write modular CSS and build CSS style guides
  • You love UX/UI and want to make apps Beautiful and Friendly
  • You love visualizations and you have experience in D3.js, or similar charting libraries
  • You care about making web apps/services secure
  • Experience in Open Source development (Please provide GitHub profile and projects)


  • Collaborate with cross functional teams to define, design and build new web apps/services
  • Build high quality web apps/services by writing clean and modular code
  • Write functional and unit tests to ensure web apps’/services’ robustness and reliability
  • Catalyze growth within the Team through thorough code reviews or pair programming
  • Refactor generic features into common libraries for reuse across web apps/services
  • Improve reliability of web apps/services through bug fixes
  • Monitor web apps’/services’ performance and tune accordingly for scalability
  • Continuously discover, evaluate, and implement new web technologies to improve development efficiency or code base


Lim Shen Chee | R1660557
Talentvis Pte. Ltd | EA License: 04C3537

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