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IP Director - Full-Time

  • Good biomedical / biochemistry / molecular biology technical foundation 
  • Excellent stakeholder management skills
  • Familiar with IP filing & regulations
  • Possess working knowledge of Singapore laws regarding technology transfer and intellectual property


  • Actively solicit Technical Disclosures submission from various R&D teams, with the intent to file for patents and facilitate the reviews of Technical Disclosures
  • Working with Legal Counsels and external patent lawyers to prepare, file and defend domestic and foreign applications of patents and trademarks
  • Provide guidance to senior management on licensing and business transactions involving intellectual property
  • Actively pursue the enlarged usage of the patents, within the Company as well as external licensing to partners, to enhance the Company’s business values
  • Provide periodic training to colleagues regarding the protection of intellectual property


Lew Hong Kang | R1876435
Talentvis Pte. Ltd | EA License: 04C3537

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