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Technology Foresight Lead - Full-Time

·        Up to 5 years of relevant team lead experience in Technology, Strategy, Futures or Consulting roles

·       Ability to think strategically and critically, and understand the value of intentionally thinking about the future to derive economic values from strategic explorations

·       Good knowledge of scenario planning, technology governance, long term forecasting/foresighting principles and practices

·       Excellent interpersonal skills to build strong relationships with internal and external stakeholders

·       Storyteller with impactful and polished communications (writing and presentation) skills

·       Strong business acumen with exceptional analytical, quantitative and qualitative abilities

·       Proficient in scripting and visualization tools such as R, Python, VB and Qilk Sense to analyse complex data patterns/correlations and visualise the analyses as easily interpretable insights


·       Actively perform and lead in-depth research to inform understanding of technological and socioeconomic trends, geopolitical landscapes, and drivers/dynamics of change

·       Develop a data-driven technology intelligence platform based on quantitative and qualitative inputs, and multi-criteria decision-making models for technology foresight

·       Determine the appropriate indicators/suitable proxies and the associated data sources to evaluate cross-domain (e.g. patent, market, investment and economic) data

·       Establish technology foresight capability in Division, including fundamental foresight processes and methodologies, and knowledge transfer of core skills

·       Develop and implement technology foresight toolkits such as horizon scanning, delphi consultation process, PESTLE drivers mapping, scenario planning, visioning, SWOT analysis, backcasting and roadmapping

·       Engage with internal and external thought leaders to understand their context, viewpoints and perspectives on strategic moves and economic values

·       Synthesise diverse data inputs and viewpoints into formulation of plausible scenarios and associated narratives to explore opportunities and challenges of the evolving digital economy on our industry sectors

·       Facilitate industry stakeholder engagement sessions to validate hypotheses and formulate strategic point of view

·       Sharing of strategic foresight, thinkpieces, programmes and initiatives with senior management on a regular basis

·       Propose and set up a panel of international experts such as futurists, strategists and technologists to provide expert opinions on strategic issues in different time horizons


Lee Beng Choon (Li Mingchun) | R1981718
Talentvis Pte. Ltd | EA License: 04C3537

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