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Desktop Engineer - Full-Time

  • 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
  • Familiar with Microsoft platforms (OneDrive, Sharepoint etc.)
  • Positive and professional attitude


Job Scope

Information Technology (IT) & Audio Visual (AV) Asset Management

  • Coordinate with vendors on IT & AV equipment installations, service, maintenance and repairs;
  • Acting administrator for the major audiovisual control system at MPH, Auditorium, Training Room and other AV specialized rooms;
  • Maintain IT & AV equipment asset movement (loan and tracking);
  • Provide IT & AV assistance and user training;
  • Administer IT & AV related asset purchases;
  • Execute termly IT & AV preventive and maintenance plan;
  • Provide recommendation on latest IT & AV product offering for future upgrades

Software/Portals/Applications Support

  • Perform basic educational software, educational portals and application support such as
  • User accounts administration,
  • Application updates and upgrades
  • user training and guides on how to use

IT related AV Systems Administration

  • Provide support for all requests for Video Conferencing systems
  • Provide support for enterprise IP Cameras across all sites;


  • Provides 1st line support for IT & AV needs on events, trainings and troubleshooting. This includes, but
  • not limited to computer setup, video recording, video production and video broadcasting on multiple platforms;
  • Provides technical support for classrooms (e.g. AV system, LCD projectors, visualizers, CD Players, Computers, and all other IT Equipment);
  • Manages IT Hotline for urgent requests and Helpdesk email for requests for support;
  • Provide 2nd line support for Campus 2 and all other satellite sites when necessary.


  • Ensure IT & AV equipment readiness;
  • Ensures appropriate monitoring of IT & AV performance;
  • Ensures proper renewal of necessary IT & AV maintenance agreement;
  • Strictly adhere and preserve confidentiality of all IT & AV information;
  • Regularly gives status reports across projects and addresses issues as appropriate;
  • Complies with school wide policies and procedures.
  • Assist in the development of standard operating procedures and policies.

Internal Operations

  • Regularly gives status reports across projects and addresses issues as appropriate;
  • Complies with and helps to enforce standard school policie



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