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Senior Welfare Executive - Full-Time

  • Diploma / Bachelor Degree (Preferably in Counselling/Psychology)
  • Relevant working experience in social welfare industry or shift work operations
  • Familiarity with the provisions of the Destitute Persons Act and the Destitute Persons Rules.


  • Screening of residents on admission and maintain a record of properties held in custody
  • Report any illness, apparent insanity, suicidal tendency of any residents to the Director and nurses on duty in a timely manner
  • Participate in the ICP development of the residents
  • Report to MCYS any death/ escape of residents.
  • Ensure the smooth operations of residents outings and preparations Maintenance of the Home
  • Conduct hourly rounds within the Home to ensure high level of cleanliness in all areas including floor, dormitories, corridor and lavatories.
  • Ensure security coverage within the Home is adequate and efficient

Administrative Duties

  • Provide copies of the Home’s procedure and documentations on admission, discharge, death, escape from lawful custody of resident
  • Oversee the welfare programme and discipline of Nursing Aides and Healthcare Attendants
  • Supervise Nursing Aides and Healthcare Attendants under his charge in carrying out their duties
  • Act as fire warden and participate in the quarterly fire drill in the Home
  • Undertake other duties as assigned from time to time by management, eg project management, ICP, CIP, to conduct home living lessons etc


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