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Fair. You get a lot of hands on as it is a small company

Marketing Executive0 Former Employee · 15 Jun 2016

The ability to try new applications to improve and automate work productivity

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Work life balance company

Current Employee · 10 Jun 2016

Work life balance

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Always a chance to grow in this organization that values the culture of friendship, open communication, trust, and respect! Great management that truly cares about their employees!

Business Development and Education ExecutiveCurrent Employee · 06 Jun 2016

- Opportunities to grow both horizontally and vertically. - Strategic and cultural fit ensures ...

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good benefit

Current Employee · 12 May 2016

good benefit

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Good work is rewarded with more work.

TeacherCurrent Employee · 09 Mar 2016

Holidays. Decent pay.

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Project Manager

Account ManagerCurrent Employee · 25 Feb 2016

Good working environment
Friendly staff
No stress
Boss lead the whole comp...

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Good fun but long hours

0 Former Employee · 22 Feb 2016

Cheaper flights

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Tough work life, lots of admin, have to manage up and down. Will have to work on multiple jobs

Senior Auditor0 Former Employee · 12 Feb 2016

Camaraderie built up among same age colleagues. Driven culture, lots of learning opportunity

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An epic story of friendship, faith, and perseverance set against
the magnificent backdrop of Zululand's enchanted wilderness.

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