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It has been a very enriching experience

The company is very open to suggestions and changes. Therefore, there are great opportunities for you to voice out and initiate any change to the management of the company

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Ok, but I didn't really like the department that I was in

Good working hours, mostly done by 6. This gives employees a good work life balance.

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SABIC is not a place to grow your career.

The management is supportive of improving your skills. You can learn a fair bit working at this company from fellow colleagues.

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It is an ongoing learning process

I like working with my colleagues and international colleagues best of all, also the times shares together while working with them takes away my stress when working at times.

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Overall it is a good company

Great flexibility and balanced work-life

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Very poor experience with very dismal prospect

Work life balance and certain amount of liberty to carry out work Not much positivity. Ok for people who enjoy the Japanese culture

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good career development

good working environment , good colleague for helping, and can work with multi country people , very good for future

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Less restrictions and more empowering

Working environment is conducive, colleagues treat each other like a family and bosses are understanding.

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Appreciated for good work performance

Compensation & benefits above average, good work performance recognized by HOD & supervisor.

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Always focus on safety, max reliability.

it provides the best of safety training system, trains you from the basic safety skill to the highest standard level.

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An epic story of friendship, faith, and perseverance set against
the magnificent backdrop of Zululand's enchanted wilderness.

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