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Office politics culture is very strong with managers unable to cooperate effectively.

Freedom is abundant and we can claim all sorts of entertainment expenses to the company. There is lack of management control so people can order the wrong items and nobody knows what happened. The big boss loves to go after prestigious projects so it helps to decorate resumes.

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Poor management

Work location is most convenient

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employee expected to work extended hour

Most people are easy to work with. The company provide a lot of training for their staff. Reasonable working environment.

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Daily office administration work.

Flexible hours was implemented to help working mothers. There is a total of 21 leave days which can be brought forward to the following years.

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There is nothing more you could ask for within its unique corporate culture

The company lives up to its action of promoting work/life balance. The management was supportive and allowed flexibility in my work hours. This enabled me to perform better at work, as well as in school.

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It has been an enriching internship

We are given close guidance. It is a great opportunities for interns to learn alot through their internship

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An A1 company but the Bosses are too busy to know what is happening with the staff

Bosses are husband and wife. A very good person, esp the husband. Wife is the head of the company, but has no time for staff rather than making money

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no experience

Flexible working hours, Relationship good for all staff & Good year end bonus, Leave applying flexible

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Learning opportunity.

Challenging tasks and skills to pick up. Everyday is chock full of new things to pick up. Will not be boring.

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