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Good company for self growth

Good place for self learning, good boss

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Great Company, good culture, inspiring brands and people

The 'can do' attitude to approaching challenges through people.

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Can to gain a lot of new experience and exposure

Its dealing with food products such as chocolates and one of my favourite food is chocolate and I will get to try various different food products from the company.

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Able to expand skillset with the company

The company is willing to invest in its employees by expanding their skill set. This results in the company reaping the rewards and grow commercially.

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not as good as expected

brand name & global reputation of the company. it is a truly global company with very good brand name

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providing packaging design

have freedom to design and seldom have over time, the working environment feels like at home rather than office place.

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Manager Biased towards certain Staff. If you cant suck up to them, there goes your incentive.

The staff in the company are friendly, with most of the staff becoming great friends while working together as a team.

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Structureless Organization

The people were really nice and fun to work with.

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The department has no goal or direction and is led by very proud and indecisive person.

We have to do many things, Thue, we will also learn many things. Get to learn about HR, Accounting, Laise with vendors, do designing, do grants

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I have to work like sale person also.

I like to work most about in accounting. I want to more concentrat in my accounting job and want to improve my professional.

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An epic story of friendship, faith, and perseverance set against
the magnificent backdrop of Zululand's enchanted wilderness.

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