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Some may find working here to be a waste of time

The good thing about working here is that there are a huge variety of food that you can eat everyday as the office is very near many food places

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Fast paced with fast growth

The working environment is fast paced which mean that there is always interesting things to do. Lots of tools available to make work efficient Lots of learning opportunities Great culture and environment

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Plenty of chances to grow in this company

The colleagues are nice and helpful. There are plenty of chances to grow your career as opportunities to work in various areas are available. The work pressure is also low thanks to good colleagues and management.

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Employees suffer from the political games played by the management.

Challenging job, can gain much experience, plenty of exposure, good training ground. Office near the city with good sea view.

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Fun, exciting and rewarding

The company is undergoing a transformation stage, everyone in the existing current work force is given chances to be involved in this unprecedented move.

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Trying on my patience

Flexible working hours that allow me to tailor work time to rest of my life. Fair payment for amount of work put it.

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Fun and interesting company but working here is quite stressful

The colleagues here are great. They are friendly, kind and outgoing. There is alot of opportunities for interaction. You even get to interact with people from the other departments. Training will be more on-the-job training which is much better as you will be able to pick up and learn much faster especially when familiarising with the different shipping terms.

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A Very Good Company

Robert Walters has a beautiful office in a good location. Friendly colleagues, Open-minded managers and directors, with a great supportive team is an added plus. Overall, Robert Walters has a good branding and reputation. Lastly, the company and job is stable

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Just an okay, average company

The company is active in holding festive celebrations which bond everyone much closer and provide welfare for staff.

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An epic story of friendship, faith, and perseverance set against
the magnificent backdrop of Zululand's enchanted wilderness.

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