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Euromonitor is a nice place.

Tasks will challenge you sufficiently to keep you interested. There's a lot to learn and explore as a new employee.

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Good learning ground but no personal time

1) Enriching young working environment 2) Structured training to continuously enhance your skill set and mentality 3) Personal mentoring to increase sales standard 4) Non desk bound 5) Career progression is based on your performance instead of qualification 6) No experience required as mentoring will be provided 7) No caps to how much you can earn (Star sales agents may earn >$1k per week)

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Less promotion opportunities

Good working environment, five days work only. No overtime & able to go home on the dot. No politics

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Fast-paced & dynamic, great leaders

Like the company where i'm seconded to. Great environment and world-class leaders & great place tobe

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Great company culture with great superiors

Colleagues are capable and realistic, there are good learning opportunities and training programs provided, and the environment is very driven.

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Balanced environment.

Quite a balanced working environment, not too much stress, friendly colleagues, occasional polticis but not too much, and approachable superiors.

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The job is interesting but it does not fulfill my needs

It is a small niche company which allows me to work on multiple accounts at the same time. This will therefore allow me to learn alot in a short period of time.

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