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Talent2 is not too bad of a company

The one good thing is that we are able to work from home which gives us the flexibility to manage our own time. This also gives us greater work life balance.

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Good team, but salary is dissatisfying

Communications are lean, regardless of director / managerial / executive level Good team and nice people to work with

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Many opportunity for career advancement, able to meet new clients and learn more about the industry or gain more knowledge

What I liked most is that I feel the sense of achievement when event is successful as well as meeting people of all walks

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Good Enviornment, high turnover rates

Nice staff and more freedom in the company. A close working environment with the management team for better communication.

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A lot of flexibility, ideas are well received. Great employees

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Environment is great, but pay is low.

Training programs are abound for employees to develop themselves, and also lots of new things to try out and be involved in.

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Good colleagues but not worth it otherwise

The people you work with are good and jolly. They are friendly overall and make you feel comfortable. The salary can be good if you meet your targets.

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Understanding and caring boss

Good boss previously, good renumeration before, my job scope, recognition, understanding and good EQ

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Fun and interesting company but working here is quite stressful

The colleagues here are great. They are friendly, kind and outgoing. There is alot of opportunities for interaction. You even get to interact with people from the other departments. Training will be more on-the-job training which is much better as you will be able to pick up and learn much faster especially when familiarising with the different shipping terms.

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Quite a good company to work in

The company provide alot of fringe benefits such as food will be provided. The people there are also very friendly. The working environment is also not very fast-paced and workload is manageable

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