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Terrible sweatshop for fresh grads

Young colleagues whom are fun to work with and hang out. flexibility in work start time. nature of work is interesting because it deals with social media

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Traditional but driving.

Most employees are passionate about what they do and the drive is infectious. They are also mostly capable and talented in what they do.

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Unfair treatment of employers.

It is the place if to gain experience about accounting procedures.

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Understanding and caring boss

Good boss previously, good renumeration before, my job scope, recognition, understanding and good EQ

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Good company but poor senior leadership and management.

Some good colleagues who espouse teamwork and are willing to do beyond their duties to help one another to get the work done.

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Long working hours with no off time. (They give off asking you to come to work on stand by)

A measly S$20 birthday Polar bakery voucher. Some people of higher ranks are helpful and do give advice despite useless head of department.

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Euromonitor is a nice place.

Tasks will challenge you sufficiently to keep you interested. There's a lot to learn and explore as a new employee.

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Many opportunity for career advancement, able to meet new clients and learn more about the industry or gain more knowledge

What I liked most is that I feel the sense of achievement when event is successful as well as meeting people of all walks

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Great Learning Experience at Kelly Services

This is a good place to gain alot of learning experience, thus it will be a good starting place in your career

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Great working experience, great company!

It is a proactive and diligent company with great management team.

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the magnificent backdrop of Zululand's enchanted wilderness.

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