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Favourism and not healthy

Business prospect is good. some colleagues are helpful and willing to share, able to learn many things and communicate with dealers

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experience office job,

Some of friendly colleagues. Office days and hours suitable to me. Office location near to my house.

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Very insightful workload for me to do admin work, accounting & HR work.

Good exposure, to administrative work, accounting & human resources. Includes filing etc

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Good benefits and working environment. open to suggestions and comment. friendly colleagues. good cooperation among colleagues.

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One of the best employers.

The company is a leader in its industry. It has all the necessary equipment and manpower to do the work that is required.

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Colleagues are friendly.

The company management is capable of allowing the new staffs to make mistakes and learn from the mistakes. Other than that, the senior staffs are willing to lend a hand in helping the new staffs in their works till they are capable to be independent.

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Good team support

Supportive colleagues make the job easier

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A very good company

Empowerment, generous, fair, employer to work for

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i had good hands on

i had good experince while performing overeses site service and lead the major turnaround project . happy to have good friends and recreation activities.

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