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Lots of learning opportunities

Pleasant colleagues, good supervisors, good working relationship. Flexible working arrangement in the process and grant days off for working mothers.

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Very insightful workload for me to do admin work, accounting & HR work.

Good exposure, to administrative work, accounting & human resources. Includes filing etc

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enjoyable and happy

i like working here due to the close relationship of people. The top management is very good too which i like it.

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Good place to work in you are already a rich person

- Flexible working hour, - Work-life balance - Friendly environment - Little office politics - Chances for overseas travel - Company shares available at discounted price program

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Company values their employees

The company will credit you for your work so you will feel appreciated. They give regular increments to your salary and during the recession period, the situation was well managed by the company.

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If you're in this for the long run, it is a stable job.

Management has good foresight, drive and direction. They are also approachable and have little or no boundaries to communication with employees.

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Good team support

Supportive colleagues make the job easier

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A quick learning experience.

Most of the employees here are friendly people! Good facilities are also what they have, one definitely will feel comfortable with working in the office.

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I've met customers with weird demands.

Working in the company made me felt that we are like a family as some my colleague treat each other well.

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