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Focus on the employees and diversity.

The working environment is diverse. Employees are allowed to chart their career path so long as it ties in with the business goals. Employees have the opportunity to have job rotation not only in between departments but countries too. The work life balance is good for the employees.

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Learning Opportunity

The colleagues and seniors act as good mentors and coaches. They provide on the job training to equip the necessary skills for performing the job.

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the work culture, the company culture and the compensation package as compare to the other local SME

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Career able to improve and move up

Career Opportunities ( the ability to improve and move up) Fairness (performance evaluation is fair)

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Helpful and fun

Fun working environment and stress free. Easy to understand product use. Daily procedure simple to understand

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I like my marketing job

Overall, the work that I do is not alot and it won't make me feel stressful. On top of that there is good work life balance

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we work under little supervision.

have the freedom to plan own schedule as long as we bring in sales. They let you look for your own clientelle and they will not check on you 24 hours.

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A senior admin executive

More challenging, can learn more things, not like a robot every day repeat the same jobs. Let employees upgrade their skill set through further studies.

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Fun and interesting

- Related to food which I like - Many learning oppotunities

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An epic story of friendship, faith, and perseverance set against
the magnificent backdrop of Zululand's enchanted wilderness.

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