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bad experience

I like my colleagues who always take care of me. They are PRC and they work full time. They are helpful.

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An emotional roller coaster ride

Glamorous industry with nice colleagues. Management style and Management minimise politics at the operational level. Power struggles exist and is rampant though.

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Challenging and demanding.

Very lively place to work and fun. Get to meet lots of people and very enthusiastic environment

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fun and exciting

Working hours is okay and the staff is friendly, they provide useful training for future job even the supervisor treat the staff well

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learn a lot of different things

be happy to work together with colleagues and company provide good benifit, also can learn a lot of different things.

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Fast growing startup that provides good and sound career framework for employees to grow

Good staff benefits like Starbucks Card for new employees, higher annual leave days and proper employment document that clearly states the responsibilities and employment terms

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Quite fun

Able to work in the fashion industry. Managers are very nice to newcomers like me

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Needs more managerial talent.

Good opportunities to be noticed and for career advancement. Growing company that has a lot of potential for future success.

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Experience was great, learn a lot of communication skills from the full timer

The exposure is great, get to learn more about computer and devices. Full timer are very helpful and willing to teach us more about devices. Friendly Staff.

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It was a fun experience meeting people.

I liked meeting & interacting with people from different countries. Enhances cross-cultural skills.

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