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Pretty good company

- Great MNC with brand name - Good facilities such as gym for staff - Flexible work schedule

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Flexible working hours, friendly colleagues Nice food in canteen Games computers are available

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Success full story of a sole proprietor ship firm

- 20 years of the experience video game trading - One of the well known buyer and supplier in south east Asia across Europe and US - Collection of strong buyers across Asia , strong pricing strategy - Different condition of goods in huge quantity for well know brands

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Join for regular monthly salary, no real technical learning

The location of office is good, the company follows processes very religiously. Its good to work and learn the product development environment if you have never experienced it before.

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Project Manager

Good working environment
Friendly staff
No stress
Boss lead the whole company very well

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Been a good experience so far

The most important thing is that there is great worklife balance

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poor higher level management,

procedures is in place, fair amount of training opportunities, flexible in working arrangement, regular update from management

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it is gettting more stagnant in my job

free lunch talks and free fruits during lunch, stable working hours, work is quite comfortable to handle,

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Stimulating; an enriching journey.

As an international company known worldwide, it gives me great experience. It gives me a truly professional interface.

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Very pleasant atmosphere and good career

The company's career opportunities for the employees are very good apart from a very good management

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An epic story of friendship, faith, and perseverance set against
the magnificent backdrop of Zululand's enchanted wilderness.

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