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Company is flexible in term of working style. We don't really have minimum face time in the company and flexible lunch time.

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Work Life Balance.

There is a lot of freedom in terms of our work, as long as we ensure our work is done. The incentives in terms of medical and such are also ok.

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Absolutely the worst company that I've worked with, dysfunctional in many areas

Allowed me to work closely with various types of hardware and software and learn independently

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Allows dabbling with variety job scope

Company has no strict adhereance to offical working hours, as long as employees complete their assigned task punctually. Everyone is approachable for advice

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Great flexibility

we are freely to express ourselves.

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Lacklustre performance here.

Emerging market in Asia gives this company some good prospects. Products developed are also viable and can sell pretty well.

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the people there are wonderful to work with, can communicate with them easily. comfortable atmosphere

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Very long hours with average pay.

The food sold is very cheap, at a rate that is unavailable at any other place in Singapore. The pay is average, while the management committee is friendly.

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Good company

This company provide excellent staff benefits and I was allowed to work independently and as a team in a flexible manner.

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