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experience is at the minimal

Wonderful working environment, friendly working colleagues and bosses. Love the fairness of the the team allocation of tasks

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Much of IBM's culture still remains.

Many opportunities to go on international ventures, co-workers are friendly and easy to work with. Company fosters a family-like culture.

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Been a good experience so far

The most important thing is that there is great worklife balance

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I am numb and just work for money.

The location is good at CBD area with lots of F&B and shops around, I just wait for knock off time.

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Join for regular monthly salary, no real technical learning

The location of office is good, the company follows processes very religiously. Its good to work and learn the product development environment if you have never experienced it before.

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The company provide good career opportunities. The benefit package provided by the company is good.

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Not recommended to work here

I could not think of anything that I like about working here.

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Excellent company to work with.

Innovative culture, excellent remunation, entrepreneurial spirit. I enjoyed working with them. Good to work with

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An organization that cares for its employees

The work environment in this company is conducive making it pleasant to work at. Management believes in expanding the skills of its employees. The company also has CSR programs.

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Good company. Excellent products.

Good Worklife Balance, Visionary & Capable Leaders, Great products, Momentum to top position in PC industry, Core Values - 5 Ps.

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the magnificent backdrop of Zululand's enchanted wilderness.

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