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Interesting Social Dynamics

The working environment is pleasant as colleagues are friendly. This helps with the overall team effort when we are tasked with projects.

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Not recommended to work here

I could not think of anything that I like about working here.

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Good company

This company provide excellent staff benefits and I was allowed to work independently and as a team in a flexible manner.

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Will not recommend this company

The pros of this company are having learned that patience is a virtue and manage ineffective management staff.

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Pretty good company

- Great MNC with brand name - Good facilities such as gym for staff - Flexible work schedule

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Absolutely the worst company that I've worked with, dysfunctional in many areas

Allowed me to work closely with various types of hardware and software and learn independently

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it is gettting more stagnant in my job

free lunch talks and free fruits during lunch, stable working hours, work is quite comfortable to handle,

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Ground level employees have a nice time

The environment of the company is quite open, so new employees do not have to worry about problems with fitting in. The company also hosts many activities to show its appreciation for employees.

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Challenging, niche and fun

Everyone is like in a big family. Boss is easy going and understanding. Being in a small company means everyone shares, rather than to each to his own.

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the magnificent backdrop of Zululand's enchanted wilderness.

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