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It was good.

there is perks like family days and quarterly dinners for staff to catch up with other colleagues and we are encourage to go for soft skill courses to expand our professional experiences which is very good.

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Fast paced work environment but salary on low side

Work culture is fast-paced and dynamic which can be pretty exciting. Company is the global leader and has strong vision

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Been a good experience so far

The most important thing is that there is great worklife balance

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Reasonable & care company

Take care of the basic for your need and and company are looking forward to be one of the " Great place to work" company

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Small company but with lots of opportunities for growth

No bureaucracy and red tape that you commonly find in larger companies. It is a company that values everyone's contributions. Great office environment and staff welfare. More importantly Bubble Motione has a growing customer base and product that is getting alot of attention out there

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Good people, good pay, good benefit, good work-life balance. Friendly working environment, free parking

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Not recommended to work here

I could not think of anything that I like about working here.

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Gave me enough insights to be confident in starting my own startup

Everybody in the team is around the same age group, which makes it really easier to communicate and work together because of shared culture and values.

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Much of IBM's culture still remains.

Many opportunities to go on international ventures, co-workers are friendly and easy to work with. Company fosters a family-like culture.

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An epic story of friendship, faith, and perseverance set against
the magnificent backdrop of Zululand's enchanted wilderness.

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