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Alphasearch Pte Ltd

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"Worst recruitment company in my recruitment career "

0 Former Employee · 23 Oct 2015


1) work life balance, there is no official work hour , the MD is a workaholic however he allows employees to come and go as and when they like

2) no define line of sector , basically you can target any company and position under the sun across all Apac country

3) no business development required: MD takes charge of all overseas recruitment which is over 90% of his portfolio and doesn't allow us to interact with his clients


1) MD is romantically link with one of the female director causing unprofessional management process

2) no transparent structure in commission payment : terms and duration of commission payment can be changed as and when the MD like it and mostly to his own benefits

3) the management doesn't care about career progression of employees, no salary increment , no bonus, only discuss sales figure in.weekly meeting and catch up

4) This company mainly hire foreigners and non PR. There is no Singaporean employee and most of their roles are given to non PR and foreigners

5) commission scheme payment and deficit are not communicated in the letter of appointment which lead to multiple discussion and disputes over commission issues

6) much time are wasted on one to one catch up with the MD and most of the talk time is about his personal achievements and past records

Advice to Management

I personally feel that the management of this company should reflect on their management style and seek business consulting advise on how to manage and grow the staff effectively

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