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Biomedical Resource Institute

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Career Opportunities 2
Benefit Package 2
Collaboration 2
Feedback & Appraisal 1
Management 1
Work/Life Balance 1
Fairness 1
Business Outlook 1


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The impression that A*STAR is a prestigious organisation.


Lazy staff - Many MCs taken just to skive when workload is high. Useless management - Staff not penalized for sleeping, overshooting MC (non-hospitalization, non-critical illness, MC description can proof subject was plainly skiving.) Sexual harassment/favourtism - Females do less work, boss sends "cute emails" to female staff. Constant boot licking by female staff leads to better impression. Meanwhile, female staff find excuses to skive, or just work very very slowly. Some pretend to talk for hours.

Advice to Management

Do not assume that cutting steps leads to improvements in efficiency, your cage wash machine broke down because of your uninformed decision. Most of your valuable staff left - you didn't listen to what they said. There is lots of manual heavy work. Yet they insist on hiring females as majority. Work description does not fit our skill sets at all. Human resources parroting what management says, they never do any manual labour!

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