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Auston Institute of Management

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"Always a chance to grow in this organization that values the culture of friendship, open communication, trust, and respect! Great management that truly cares about their employees!"

Business Development and Education Executive Current Employee · 06 Jun 2016


- Opportunities to grow both horizontally and vertically. - Strategic and cultural fit ensures staff inducted into the family to behave and operate cohesively as a unit. - Autonomous working environment, without micromanagement. - Fair 360-degree performance appraisal that practices democracy. - A friendly business environment that fosters creativity and transparency. - Knowing each individual and playing to their strengths, building both company and staff at the same time.


- Mandatory 4 days leave to be taken during Christmas break. That's all.

Advice to Management

Perhaps to improve on compensation packages, and that every new employee should be made known of their rights by the HR manager, and not simply asked to read the employee handbook.

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