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Bio-Rad Review Detail

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"In order to save costs, will stretch each employee to the max. Lean company. "

Middle Management 2012 Former Employee · 02 Jan 2013


They have good products and good people at middle level management and below. Good health benefits for dependents. Good physical environment overall


This company is too autocratic and management centric. Do not have good company directions for employees to follow. Do things on adhoc basic. Do not respect family time and bonding. Dumps all the work on you and expects you to finish it even at night. Functional and service teams are too disunited which hurts the company image. Do not have a good logistics system and with alot of human errors in order processing.

Advice to Management

Open your eyes and check out who are the real people doing all the dirty work for you and not work only in your ivory tower. Appreciate people more and work as a team and not a politically charged agenda on everything

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