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Blue Interactive Agency

Website: http://www.blueinteractiveagency... Country: Singapore Sector: Consulting Size:

Review Summary

Career Opportunities 4.5
Benefit Package 4.5
Collaboration 4.5
Feedback & Appraisal 4.5
Management 4.5
Work/Life Balance 3.5
Fairness 4.5
Business Outlook 4.5


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Employee Reviews Total 2 reviews

"Premier Digital Agency in the region."

2012 Former Employee · 20 Jun 2013


Environment is very welcoming and open, colleagues treat each other like family and friends, and employees are mostly talented and creative people with groundbreaking ideas.


The work is definitely challenging, and the company faces constant competition both regionally and internationally. Employees also have to have an open and multicultural mindset as our company deals with many big name international clientele.

Advice to Management

Keep up the good leadership, perhaps start more initiatives that promote work life balance or make employees feel at home while they are working in the office.

"Good team spirit, a very cohesive company."

2012 Employee · 20 Jun 2013

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