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Review Summary

Career Opportunities 3
Benefit Package 3
Collaboration 4
Feedback & Appraisal 3
Management 4
Work/Life Balance 4
Fairness 5
Business Outlook 4


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Because it's small, there is closer bond between me and my colleagues. Everyone knows each other. The organization is very flat where employees of all ranks get along. When you want to get things done, it'll be easier.


On the other hand, because we are small , we are dependent on one decision maker. When she is on leave or away,, it's hard to make decisions and move forward. Also, because the company is small, there is restriction on the bonus, which is capped at 10%.

Advice to Management

Better benefits for the staff to improve job satisfaction. Should the company decide to get listed, i hope they will give out stock options to us. because of the flat organization - they should reward loyal staff with non-monetary benefits (since they can't give out cash!) such as having more leave e.g. 1 extra leave day for every year worked. management should also encourage their staff to upgrade their skill sets by going for industry related courses.

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