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Edufarm Learning Centre

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Career Opportunities 1
Benefit Package 1
Collaboration 1
Feedback & Appraisal 1
Management 1
Work/Life Balance 1
Fairness 1
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"There's no clear direction given by the top management at all"

Trainer 2012 Former Employee · 30 Apr 2013


There are some freedom as you teach a class solely by yourself without reporting to any top managerment. Have to take up many ad-hoc jobs other than teaching


Pay is slightly below the average.

Advice to Management

The management should do all the administrative matters by themselves rather than pushing them to the teachers.

"Management is poor, very bad coordination between their team. . Does not take good care of staff welfare.. If you have the time to spare, take it if that is your passion. Otherwise it is not worth "

0 Employee · 13 Nov 2015

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